Friday, October 16, 2009

We need a union that....

The latest ICE leaflet. Click to enlarge. Email us for a pdf if you wish to share with your colleagues. Here is the text.

Independent Community of Educators


We need a union that

FIGHTS against micromanagement, excessive testing, teaching-to-the-test, unending paperwork, criminalization of our youth, discriminatory hiring & placement practices

DEMANDS contractual small class size, reduced caseloads & secretary workloads, teacher control of 37½ minutes, a real grievance process, restoration of all transfer rights

DEFENDS against system-wide intimidation, ATR & Temporary Reassignment Center (Rubber Room) abuses, chapter leader persecution

EXPOSES a government that throws money at two wars & numerous corporate bailouts. but shortchanges public school classrooms

SUPPORTS public schools with teacher & parent voice: "SAY NO TO CHARTER SCHOOLS & MAYORAL CONTROL"

MOBILIZES for massive new investment in school facilities & resources

Work towards a UFT that is

DEMOCRATIC and ACCOUNTABLE to the membership

A BUILDER of real alliances with families and communities

PROGRESSIVE in outlook, MILITANT in its defense and advocacy

To run on the ICE/TJC slate in the UFT elections this spring,

email us at or call (917) 992-3734

To support our work, make checks payable to Independent Community

of Educators, PO Box 1143, Jamaica, NY 11421

ICE websites:,

ICE election site:

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