Monday, October 12, 2009

ICE platform, Part IX

IX. Our union and government priorities

While our school systems go begging, our nation spends more on our own military and on military aid than nearly all the rest of the world’s nations combined. Add to this the immense sums of money that were handed to banks and insurers in the last year, and it is clear that our country can afford the funding for small classes, well-prepared teachers, abundant guidance personnel, appropriate programs, and the whole host of resources that are needed to run successful schools.

It is the job of local and national union to fight for government to prioritize spending for education as well as social services. Our union must join with other unions and political allies to challenge the notion that there isn’t enough money, or that our nation’s security depends on an endless occupation of other countries and a limitless outlay of money for weapons, armies, and private mercenary forces.

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