Friday, February 12, 2010

Arthur Goldstein's latest post at Gotham

Running on the ICE-TJC slate for a HS Exec Bd seat is Arthur Goldstein, chapter leader at Francis Lewis HS (Queens).

In his latest column at GothamSchools, "The Kids Nobody Wants," he asks the question a lot of us are wondering about these days:

Who’s speaking up for those of us who embrace our most challenging kids? Schools taking on these kids ought to be rewarded. Under Joel Klein’s stewardship, they are dumped onto the scrap heap. The same could be said for these kids, left without neighborhood schools, and without Metrocards to get them wherever Tweed sees fit to send them.

These kids deserve better. Their neighborhoods deserve better.

You can read the full post and all of his other ones in GothamSchools at this link.

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