Saturday, February 20, 2010

Deconstructing "nimble" union leadership with the help of Scott, NYC Educator and Fiorillo

On Norm's Notes now is the way NYC Educator and ICE candidate Michael Fiorillo countered some comments made by Peter (Probably Goodman) in a recent Gotham post called "Lost in the school closing debate."

Norm's intro goes like this:
At Gotham Schools: A worthwhile insight into the UFT/AFT thinking on the role of unions as UFT shill Peter (undoubtably Goodman/Ed in the Apple) talks about "nimble" leadership — read this as "give ground because we don't have the ability or chops to fight them" — as he apologizes for all of Weingarten policies. If anyone thinks that this ideologue and Mulgrew are on different pages you are drinking the old K-aid.

In fact, the AFT/UFT cannot fight them because they run a top-down union without rank and file participation and in fact fear such participation because an active rank and file would see them for what they are and toss them out. So, keep 'em ignorant and barefoot.

Read the full post here: "NYC Educator and Fiorillo Debate UFT Shill Peter"

Michael Fiorillo is running with ICE for a HS seat on the Exec. Board, and NYC Educator has supported ICE positions for some time.

Without articulate, experienced voices like these, union managers will continue to protect their own jobs more than they protect ours.

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