Sunday, January 31, 2010

TJC reaches out to the membership

ICE is fortunate to be running in this election with as articulate and committed a group of educators as those over at TJC.

Follow this link for a recent article by Megan Behrent, who's running for Assistant Secretary on the ICE-TJC slate.
"THE IMMENSE outrage and anger that has erupted at these and many other hearings around the city is poignant testimony to the potential for mobilizing a real fightback against the attacks on public education that have ravaged New York City's schools. People are tired of being the victims and scapegoats blamed for the failures of public education, while the politicians who systematically underfund and undermine our schools are let off the hook."
— from "A fight for our schools in New York"

And here are some extracts from TJC's current newletter.

The UFT leadership's strategy is a failure again. It failed to organize us to get a timely contract, and so far it has failed to organize us to end school closings. TJC believes that the UFT must build a movement powerful enough to end all school closings, for good, and win us a just contract. The announcement on Friday Jan. 22, that the State will close or restructure thirty more NYC schools, most of them large high schools, adds urgency to this need. TJC's position is explained in our latest leaflet.


March 4 has been declared a "National Day of Action to Defend Education." Unions and student groups across the country will take part. Here in New York City, Teachers for a Just Contract will join a growing coalition of grassroots organizations calling for a demonstration at Governor Paterson's Manhattan office, to end school closings and cuts in educational aid, including student Metrocards. For a pdf of TJC's leaflet advertising this action, write to, and ask for the March 4 leaflet.


A coalition of many groups, including TJC, held a citywide rally against school closings at the Upper Eastside residence of Mayor Bloomberg, East 79th Street @ 5th Avenue in Manhattan, from 4 to 6:30 P.M.

The Unity Caucus majority at the January 20 UFT Delegate Assembly refused to even entertain a motion to endorse this rally. Despite that treachery by our union "leadership," a huge crowd of over five hundred participated, picketing and chanting. Among the picketers was James Eterno, Jamaica H.S. Chapter Leader and our ICE - TJC candidate for UFT President. This action is only the beginning of the movement against school closings we must build.

TJC's next meeting will be on Friday, Feb. 5th, at 4 pm, at the HS of Art and Design, room 313, 1075 Second Ave. (nr E. 57th St.). Take the 4, 5, 6, N, R, E or V train to get there.
"School closings and the upcoming UFT elections will be among the topics of discussion. Help change our union and save our jobs."

TJC is also on Facebook with the name Just Contract.
"Friend us and check out our great pictures of our actions and events, including some of our recent fundraiser in Upper Manhattan."

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